The Best Beach Wedding Invitations

6 Perfect Beach Wedding Invitations

While compiling this list of my favorite beach wedding invitations from our collection, I couldn’t help but reminisce a bit about my own wedding. My husband and I got married at the beach, so obviously I am a huge fan of beach weddings, and destination weddings in general. An hour or so before I was due to walk down the aisle, the skies opened up and filled with rain, thunder and lightning. It seriously poured!!! And I got a little freaked out. BUT, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise because we had the most beautiful rainbow and an incredible sunset as a backdrop for our post-ceremony pics.

When I think of beach weddings, I think of beautiful ocean waves and soft pastel colors in the sky. Watercolor is the perfect medium for beach wedding invitations – it really captures that romantic oceanside vibe. Blues, mints, blushes, and sandy neutrals all work as beach-friendly color palettes. See the list below for my fave beach wedding invitation ideas:



1. Ombre Invitation Suite

Our ombre invitation suite has been one of our most popular designs since we first launched our watercolor wedding invitaions in 2013, and for good reason! It’s simple and elegant, and the beachy, pastel shades can be matched to your event. I’ve done this invitation for brides in lavender, rosy pink, blush, aqua, seafoam, icy blue, peach, and citrus yellow – and it looks great EVERY TIME. Plus, we recently gave this design a makeover with a new script font.


2. Horizon Lines Invitation Suite in Blue

Calm ocean waves inspired the fluid watercolor lines in our Horizon Lines invitation suite. Imagine you’re on a lounge chair with the gentle current lapping at your feet…. Your guests will feel the relaxing vibes too when they receive your invitation. Pair it with our Abstract liner in Sky blue shades for a truly magical combination.


3. Color Wash Suite in Blush

Soft blush tones conjure up the pink sand beaches of Bermuda, a bevvy of beautiful seashells, soft pastel-tinged clouds at sunset. This wedding invitation features a wash of watercolor in a pretty hue combined with modern, fresh brush lettering. Coordinate this shade on your wedding day with blush accents throughout your table decor, soft pink flowers in your bouquet, and perhaps even blush-hued dresses for your ‘maids.


4. Pastel Marble Invitation Suite

Pastel shades of seashell and mint swirl together in this design, for a touch of boho, hippie-luxe wedding feel. A beach wedding with a bohemian inspired vibe would be the perfect event for this invitation – think barefoot bridal style with a delicate flower crown and pretty gold jewelry. In addition, we print these invites on luxe cotton stock with charcoal gray typography.


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The Best Beach Wedding Invitations


5. Edge-Dipped Calligraphy Invitation Suite

This is hands-down our most romantic beach wedding invitation! I want to get married all over again just so I can use this design. A dreamy dip of aqua blue makes you feel like you’re dipping your toes in the Caribbean, and we’ve paired that with our most beautiful calligraphy. Pssst… Want a more modern take? You’ll find a variation on this design in our shop with a clean, modern type treatment.


6. Indigo Invitation Suite

For a decidedly less tropical take that still conveys a cool, beachy feel, try our Indigo wedding invites! A dramatic wash of deep blue + clean white type conjures up a more bold take on the beach wedding. For the beach wedding that’s more sophisticated than laid-back, this invitation’s got a crisp modern feel with a chic sans-serif typeface.


So there you have it! My list of our best beach wedding invitations. Check them out in our shop or click the link below to order your free sample kit.


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