Flat-lay of various vibrant and colorful flowers and stationery designed by Fine Day Press; image overlaid with text that reads How To Choose A Wedding Invitation That's Perfect For You!

How to Choose a Wedding Invitation That’s Perfect For You!

When you’re figuring out how to choose a wedding invitation, it can be overwhelming! There are so many choices out there – how do you even know where to begin? Let’s dive into my top tips for how to choose a wedding invitation that is perfect for you and your wedding.

A few things to keep in mind when you choose a wedding invitation

You’re going to see a lot of traditional styles and a lot of trends, too, but remember: these are YOUR wedding invitations, and they should represent you as a couple. You don’t have to follow the trends – follow your instincts, and go with what makes you happy!

When you choose a wedding invitation, you’re not just creating a piece of paper to give your guest some information. You’re designing a keepsake for a lifetime. Invitations are one of the few mementos from your wedding that you can truly keep forever; there are few times in your life when you’ll be able to create such special paper pieces!

So if you want to do foil, letterpress wax seals, beautiful ribbons… go for it! This is your chance to do something special. If you’re stuck, a stationery designer can help you choose a wedding invitation suite that’s just perfect for you.

How to choose a wedding invitation

Start with your wedding venue

When you’re thinking about how to choose a wedding invitation, your venue is the perfect starting point for inspiration! Classic Italian villa, beachy destination wedding, modern city art gallery – these all conjure up completely different invitation ideas and styles. You can even ask the venue team to show you examples of the kind of stationery other couples who got married there have used. This will give you an idea of the different options, styles, and atmospheres you could go for.

Determine your color palette

Color is such an important aspect of your wedding planning, so don’t overlook it! Having a color scheme will help give your day a branded, cohesive look, from florals to tableware, from your cake, and of course to your stationery!

If you’re working with a planner, they will help you come up with a color palette and will create design boards to envision your day. Design boards are so helpful and can help guide your vendor meetings throughout the planning process. If you’re planning out your own wedding, Pinterest or wedding blogs are a great place to start looking for color palette suggestions!

For a few starting points, check out our other blog posts: How to Create a Wedding Inspiration Board and Our Favorite Wedding Colors Right Now. Landing on a color scheme for your overall day is an absolutely crucial step for how to choose a wedding invitation.

Consider your budget

Talk with your wedding planner about how much of your budget to a lot for invitations and stationery. Don’t forget it’s not just invitations – this portion of your budget should include Save the Dates, the Invitation Suite, plus postage for both of those, and Day-of paper and signage.

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The average cost for wedding stationery could be anywhere from $2,000 to $15,000. Bigger budgets can allow for higher-cost items like specialty techniques and embellishments such as foil stamping and letterpress – but you can also create beautiful cost-friendly invitations with flat (aka digital) printing. For more help with creating a wedding stationery budget, check out our post on it!

Photo by Sophie Epton

Custom vs. Ready-made

When you start looking at how to choose a wedding invitation, you’ll see that wedding stationery generally falls into two categories:

Custom invitations: These come at a higher cost and a longer timeframe as they are designed, but they give you access to more bells and whistles and allow you to create a bespoke custom process for one-of-a-kind pieces.

Ready-made or pre-designed invitations: These give you a faster turnaround and still offer some customizations in terms of colors and embellishments.

Neither option is necessarily better than the other, so look at your budget, your timeline, and the kind of wedding invitation you are after to help you decide which route to take.

Think about wording style 

If you’re going with a super traditional look – think classic calligraphy, black-tie formal – your wording should follow suit. Likewise, with a more modern, minimalist suite, you might word things a bit differently and be more playful with the typography and layout. Most stationery designers (including Fine Day Press!) can assist you with etiquette and wording advice – we have a guide to save-the-date wording right here, for a start.

Start window shopping!

An important step in how to choose a wedding invitation is to get a look at all the different styles out there and find inspiration photos that you really like! I recommend creating a Pinterest board, saving your favorites on Instagram, or keeping photos in a folder on your computer so you can keep track of all your favorite invitation ideas before making a decision.

Reach out well in advance

I can’t say it enough – please reach out months in advance to make sure your selected stationery designer is available to work with you! You’d be surprised at how far in advance the ordering process should happen. This especially applies to custom designs, but even if you’re ordering an existing design, this should still be done months in advance. See our post about when to order wedding invitations here for more information!

Finding the perfect wedding invitation

The first time you hold your wedding invitation in your hands is such a fun moment – suddenly, everything feels incredibly real! It’s worth every single second of the journey to get there.

I hope these tips for how to choose a wedding invitation have broken it down into something that feels manageable to you – and maybe even a little bit exciting. And, of course, get a head-start on your inspiration when you check out Fine Day Press wedding invitations – take a look!

xo, ashley

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Flat-lay of flowers and wedding cards and invitations of various colors and designed by Fine Day Press; image overlaid with text that reads How To Choose a Wedding Invitation That's Perfect For You!
Flat-lay of various vibrant and colorful flowers and stationery designed by Fine Day Press, along with a wedding ring in a box; image overlaid with text that reads How To Choose A Wedding Invitation That's Perfect For You!