How to Send Wedding Announcement cards: Your Guide to Elopement & Wedding Announcements

How to Send Wedding Announcements

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What is a wedding announcement, anyway? And who gets one, if you need to send them at all? Fear not – We’ve compiled everything you need to know about wedding announcements right here.

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The rise of micro weddings

Let’s start with why you might be hearing more about this particular piece of wedding stationery these days! The trend of micro weddings and elopements has been on the rise in the past few years, and with the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s been at the forefront of many couples’ minds.

A micro wedding can vary in size from modest-sized 75 guests to an intimate elopement where it’s just you two, your officiant and a photographer. Rather than postponing large weddings until the virus completely disappears OR until we have a reliable vaccine available, many couples do not want to wait to tie the knot, for a variety of reasons.

If you’re planning an elopement or micro wedding, you’ll definitely want to consider sending out wedding announcements! Even if you are inviting a large amount of guests, you may still need announcement cards. Read on for details…

Tip – You can still plan a large reception or party later on, when it’s safe to do so! And use your announcement card to notify future guests about it.

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What is a wedding announcement?

A wedding announcement is NOT an invitation, nor is it a Save the Date. The purpose of a wedding announcement is simply to share the news of your big day. It looks very similar to a printed invitation, and is typically mailed in an envelope, as opposed to a postcard.

It’s certainly true that you are not required to send out announcements. These days, your friends or extended family might find out about your wedding on social media, but a personal card from you two would be so much more meaningful, and for some couples (and their families) it’s a must. Read on for why….

Why send a wedding announcement?

Here are the top 5 reasons to send a wedding announcement card:

  1. You’re eloping.
  2. You’re having a destination wedding with a limited guest list.
  3. In the age of Covid-19, you’re concerned about the health of your loved ones at a large gathering.
  4. You’re planning a micro wedding (due to Covid-19 or other reasons).
  5. You or your fiancé come from a huge family and you simply can’t accommodate everyone on the big day.
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Who gets a wedding announcement?

A wedding announcement should be sent to anyone you want to know about the wedding who won’t be present at the event.

If you are planning a micro wedding or elopement, sit down with pen and paper and think about who would want receive news of your wedding. Your family, your fiancé’s family, close friends – anyone who would feel joy and delight in knowing that you two tied the knot. Put them on the list!

Some couples also send wedding announcements to professional colleagues. This can be a helpful way to spread the news that your last name is changing (if you choose to do so). Additionally, if your parents hosted the wedding, but have friends or colleagues who were not on the guest list, they may have a list of recipients as well, so be sure to check with your families before you put together the final count.

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When to send wedding announcements

A wedding announcement card be sent as soon as the day after the wedding. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can order announcements at the same time as your invitations—we can create an announcement card that coordinates with your invitation design. Have them addressed and ready to mail before the big day, and a trusted relative (or maid of honor / best man) can be tasked with mailing them.

I also love the idea of sharing a photo from the big day with loved ones! If your photographer’s open to it, ask her to pick 6-8 sneak peek photos of you two that she can share with you soon after the ceremony so you can start creating the card with your stationer as soon as possible.

Psst – We can create beautiful photo announcement cards for you! Check out some of the options here in our shop.

Whether you choose a photo or non-photo card, be sure to mail them before it becomes old news!

Bottom line: Wedding announcements should be sent no later than 3 months after the wedding.


Receiving an announcement in the mail in no way obligates the recipient to send a gift to the couple. It’s an etiquette no-no to include gift registry details on an announcement card.

Simple, modern wedding announcement

How to word wedding announcements

Like with invitations, you can choose to go more formal or casual — take the cue from the spirit of your ceremony. If your micro wedding has a very traditional feel, you’ll want to opt for conventional, buttoned-up wording, whereas a boho, free-spirited elopement might lend to an easygoing vibe for the card. Consider running the wording options by both of your parents as well; if they are hosting the big day, they may want to be included on the announcement cards!

Here’s a few examples:


Mr. and Mrs. David Allen
are pleased to announce
the marriage of their daughter
Audrey Hannah
Nolan Leif
son of Mr. and Mrs. John Tulley
on the twelfth of November
two thousand twenty
in Greenwich, Connecticut


We tied the knot!
Audrey Allen married Nolan Tulley
on November 12, 2020
in Greenwich, Connecticut


Please join us for a reception
celebrating the marriage of
Audrey Hannah Allen
Nolan Leif Tulley
Saturday, August 20th, 2021
at six in the evening
The Mariner’s Inn
Greenwich, Connecticut

Regrets only to Sarah Allen, 210-344-5678

And that, friends, is all you need to know about Wedding Announcement cards!

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