Modern, Minimal Hot Pink Wedding Style

Minimal Hot Pink and Black & White Wedding Style

Can I just tell you something about hot pink? Sure, you may have the naysayers when it comes to using hot pink for weddings. It can be easily overdone — when it goes wrong, it can look like a candy shop or your 7-year-old niece’s Barbie-themed birthday party (yikes), and/or it’s just plain too much. Do a quick search for hot pink wedding inspiration on Pinterest and you’ll see what I mean. But I must confess, when used judiciously with a black and white foundation, hot pink can be one of the most sophisticated and unexpected colors for weddings. It all comes down to how you use it.

Why use hot pink with black & white? Black & white is a classic wedding combination. It’s elegant, minimal and modern all at the same time. (Want more proof on how gorgeous black and white weddings can be? Check out this inspiration I rounded up in a previous post.)

Modern with a Touch of Warmth

Sometimes a black & white palette can feel a bit stuffy or cold – enter hot pink! Adding a bright touch to this stark palette is a fresh, unexpectedly chic take on the black & white theme. However, proceed with caution and refrain from over-using the punchy pink. Instead, use this bold hue in minimal, unexpected ways. Follow our style guides below for the best ways to pull off this powerful color combo:

Sophisticated Hot Pink and Black and White Wedding Inspiration

To add a playful vibe to a sophisticated affair, bring this jolt of bright color to your palette. It’s like a pop of caffeine for your guests! Not only that, it looks great in photos (ahem, evidence below…). Electric pink gives life to the black & white palette, and the possibilities are endless. This palette conjures up a modern loft wedding space, or perhaps an outdoor garden affair in Palm Springs.

My best advice: Keep your decor minimal, and use the hot pink for accents only – floral touches, accessories like shoes and earrings, or pocket squares for your guys. I also love the idea of a hot pink-hued cocktail – like these prickly pear margaritas – as a fun way to bring in another accent. Flowers are the most obvious place to bring in hot pink; add some black and white ribbon to make a stunning bridal bouquet, or add a few blooms to a simple all-white cake.

Stationery Recommendations

We have a couple of black and white wedding invitations with hot pink accents that pair perfectly with this look. First up, our Edge Dipped Modern Wedding Invitation (above, middle row) pairs minimal, modern typography with a watercolor dipped edge in a custom hot pink hue. Although it’s hard to pick a favorite here, this one might be it. Inside tip: You could even switch out our standard white envelopes for a custom black envelope with white ink printing. Ooh la la!

(Note: Although the version shown in our shop is aqua, the watercolor edge can be customized to any color you like.)

Shop Edge Dipped Invitation

Next up: Our bold, modern Brush Lettered Wedding Invitation (below, middle row, right) is a great choice with this palette. Bold brush letters make this invite stand out, underscored by a watercolor line detail that’s just enough to tease some hot pink color. In the photo below, it’s shown with a warm white envelope.

Shop Brush Lettered Invitation

Lastly, the chic Modern Dash Wedding Invitation (below, bottom row, left) combines elegant sans-serif type with a woven-texture watercolor pattern. As shown here, you can add a splash of color with our hot pink, abstract painted envelope liner. All of these invitations are available in a full suite, including reply cards, details cards, Save the Dates, menus, programs, thank you notes, and escort cards.

Shop Modern Dash Invitation

I hope you’ve found this post helpful and inspiring – if you’re interested in adding hot pink to your wedding palette but are feeling a bit timid about it, just remember to use this powerful hue in small amounts and you’ll pull the look off like a pro!

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