Wedding Stationer Planner

It’s here! Our essential guide to wedding invitations…

The Simple, Stress-Free Wedding Invitation Planner

My friends – Planning a wedding is not for the faint of heart. Wedding planning, and the tangle of logistics that goes along with it, can strike fear in the hearts of even the most task-oriented spreadsheet-loving couple… So wouldn’t it be nice if we could make just one part (and a very important part at that!) a whole lot easier?

Mmm-hmm, I hear you nodding along with me! 

I’m going to give it to you straight – Invitations are a crucial part of wedding planning! That little piece of paper heaven is what sets the tone for your big day, and gives your guests that Omigosh-I-can’t-wait-for-this feeling of excitement they’ll get when they open the envelope. Not to mention it’s the single thing that provides all the essential details needed to attend your affair.

As much as we like to simplify our lives these days (we’re all juggling a thousand things already, amiright?), invitations and the stationery that goes along with them – like Save the Dates, programs, menus, thank you notes and more – can get complicated! So where do you start?

It’s a question I’ve encountered a lot over the years – and it’s why I created this insanely handy wedding stationery planner tool for you!

Hands-down, the best invitation planning tool

What it contains:

• Wedding Invitation Checklist

Use this printable checklist as an overview of all the wedding stationery you may need, and when to order it. Check things off as you go, and cross out the items you don’t need.

• Customizable Invitation Timeline

Using your wedding date, this will determine the helpful deadlines you need to know to stay on track, from Save the Dates to Day of Items. 

• Calendar Tool

A helpful, easy-to-use guide on when to place your order, no matter when – or where – your wedding is taking place!

• Pricing Cheatsheet

How much do wedding invitations cost? Here’s an overview of what to plan for, budget-wise.

• Guide to Creating your Guest List

Who gets an invitation? Use this guide to sort out your guest list and determine how many invitations you’ll need to order.

Are you ready to tackle your wedding stationery like a pro? 

Get your invitation game on-point with this easy-to-use, printable planner:

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